Coastal Research Institute (CORI), is a governmental organization established in 1972 as an urgent need for monitoring and protecting the Egyptian coasts. CORI is one of the twelve institutes of the National Water Research Center (NWRC).

Preperation Of Shore Protection Projects

In order to be able to implement this task, the following detailed and condensed studies are carried out on the project site:

  • Defining all the marine, meteorological and environmental factors affecting the site and the design parameters.
  • Carrying out detailed bathymetric survey for the site.
  • Analyzing the collected data to get the design parameters.
  • Proposing alternatives for the protection measure work.
  • Choose the more economical and efficient one.
  • Planning and designing the suggested project for protection of critical areas and preparing all needed executive drawings and tender documents..
  • Analyzing the currents beyond breaker zone to get the current pattern and their circulation.