Coastal Research Institute (CORI), is a governmental organization established in 1972 as an urgent need for monitoring and protecting the Egyptian coasts. CORI is one of the twelve institutes of the National Water Research Center (NWRC).

Laboratory and office activity

This includes the following

  • Mechanical analysis and setting tube tests for the collected bottom sediment samples to determine the grain size distribution and the different indices.
  • Determining the trace elements and heavy minerals and their percentages and relationship with accretion and erosion problems.
  • Determining the variations of water salinity and temperature.
  • Determining the concentration of suspended sediments from water samples.
  • Analyzing the coastal water samples to get the parameters for their water quality.
  • Analyzing the long shore current data to get their predominant direction, maximum and average velocity at each site and to use these results in computing the littoral drift.
  • Analyzing the currents beyond breaker zone to get the current pattern and their circulation.
  • Studies on the impacts of the protective measures on the protected areas and their neighborhoods.
  • Analyzing the hydrographic profile data to get the effect of: The summer swell waves, The winter storm waves, The protection works on the protected sites and the adjacent one.