Coastal Research Institute (CORI), is a governmental organization established in 1972 as an urgent need for monitoring and protecting the Egyptian coasts. CORI is one of the twelve institutes of the National Water Research Center (NWRC).

Field teams and Equipment

There are three field work teams for carrying out all the field investigations and data collection. These teams equipped with the more recent equipment in the field of hydrographic survey and ocean observation. Some available field equipment are summarized as following:

  • Four hydrographic survey systems consist of DGPS, Echo sounder.
  • Navigation software and laptop.
  • Two Total Stations.
  • Five leveling.
  • Ten-rubber boat with outboard engines.
  • Five Current meters.
  • Five wave gauges.
  • Three wind stations.
  • Six tide gauges.
  • Two CTD.
  • One Vibro-Corer
  • Van Veen Grabs, Nansen Bottles, and Traps.