Coastal Research Institute (CORI), is a governmental organization established in 1972 as an urgent need for monitoring and protecting the Egyptian coasts. CORI is one of the twelve institutes of the National Water Research Center (NWRC).

Data Collection and field work activity

This activity includes the following:

  • Periodic survey of about 250 hydrographic profiles, distributed along the northern coast from Port said to El-alameen, two times per year in September/ October and in April/ May
  • Recording wave height, period and direction along the Mediterranean coast of Egypt.
  • Recording the off-shore current speed and direction.
  • Recording the variation of the sea level.
  • Daily measurements of the long-shore current in the critical areas along the Nile Delta coast.
  • Measuring the currents beyond the breaker zone.
  • Measuring the currents in the outlets of the lakes and determining the discharges through them.
  • Collecting surface bottom samples from the seabed.
  • Carrying out field experiments to determine littoral drift by the use of fluorescent sand tracers and sand traps.
  • Measuring temperature and salinity.
  • Collecting coastal water samples at different locations and depths.